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Not currently accepting books for review.


Review Policies  

Book Attic will not accept any review requests for the NA genre.  I am truly sorry to put it in such terms, however, due to my age, I feel that such material would be extremely inappropriate for me to read. 

Book Attic accepts review requests for any book, excluding nonfiction, within the YA genre. I will not accept books with sexual content past a closed door scene or new adult books. I am more than happy to review independently published works and accept print copies or ebooks in .mobi format.

Review spots are limited to one a month during the school year, unless you are submitting a print copy that can be read in class. If you have a specific date you would like a review posted, I suggest you submit the book a month in advance. I will try my hardest to finish the review by it’s publication date, but in some cases this may not be possible. I ask that you understand that during the school year I have quite a bit of school work and can’t read every day. 

All reviews will be posted with immense honesty. I am not here for free books, but to encourage young readers to find a good fit for them. 

Acceptance may not result in a published review posting. In very rare cases, I have chosen to move to other projects. These books will now result in a DNF rating.

5 star: Awesome book, very few errors
4 star: great read, minor details missing
3 star: good storyline, some issues
2 star: ok story, many errors
1 star: uninteresting, riddled with errors, major plotholes
DNF: Just. Couldn’t. Do. It.

Interview Policies

     If you would like an interview on my blog, please contact me. I’m always happy to have interviews, for anybody indie or published. If you are interested please include a list of published works and some promo to be included. Promo can be pictures, excerpts, blurbs, summaries, or any other promotional things you have. I can also giveaway books or merchandise, although I ask that you send them out, as it’s much easier that way. 


Promotional Services

Because Book-Attic is still a small hobby, we would love to accommodate your blog tour or cover reveal free of charge. All we ask for is post ready material including a summary, a cover photo and buy links. If you have an excerpt you would like featured, include that as well! 

Thank you for considering Book-Attic. We would love to hear from you! For more information or to contact us please email 

Bookattic4 at



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