Mini Review: Roxanne

So, disclaimer before we start. Yes I know this is a move. Yes I realize I never post movie reviews. But it is a movie based off a book, so there’s that. Also, I haven’t read in like 3 days and I go back to school today so cut me a little slack here, please? I’m trying I promise (not really but that’s irrelevant) I just want to read, but instead I’ve been working a lot on the blog, so it’s okay, I think? At least I’m growing the blog, which I won’t have as much time for starting TODAY because school is stressful AS HECK! Anyway, let’s get to the review shall we? To see the movie trailer click the link on the movie title!

  • Comedy
  • Based off Cyrano de Bergerac
  • 14+ for innuendos, and many, may sexual references
  • Released January 1, 1987
  • As a movie: 
  • As an  adaption:★★

The large-nosed C.D. Bales is in love with the beautiful Roxanne; she falls for his personality but another man’s looks.


So, without considering the movie as an adaption, I give Roxanne 5 stars. It was entertaining to watch, the characters were hilarious, and the plot was fantastic. I genuinely liked the movie and I wouldn’t be at all opposed to watching it again. Luckily, I watched it without my family, so I could laugh at the sexual innuendos (which definitely wouldn’t have happened with them). The movie was great and I honestly think pretty much everybody over the age of 14 should watch it. The movie says it’s rated PG but with  the amount of sexual innuendos and references, I’m gonna say differently. For example, there’s a part when one of the main characters, Chris, literally screams “I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU!” from outside her window, not exactly PG in my mind. However, as an adaption, I’m rating it a little differently. Now, they did a great time modernizing a really old play (well modern for the time period, it’s a little outdated now) and I only have a couple complaints. The first of these isn’t really valid but still, THERE ARE NOT SWORDS IN THE MOVIE! I WANTED SWORDS BECAUSE I AM TWISTED AND PEOPLE BEING STABBED MAKES ME LAUGH! BUT NO!! NO!! SWORDS!! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Now, in all seriousness, the other problem I had was that there was no obvious character to portray Ragueneau, who I loved in the book. He was one of my favorite characters, and as far as I can tell they chopped him out. So yes, I’m very upset. But overall, if you’re looking for a good cheesy laugh, I recommend Roxanne, just don’t watch it with your family. Save yourself the embarrassment.


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